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After you finish reading…

To our dear friends and family,

It is exciting to hear that many of you are receiving your copies, and even more exciting to hear that many of you have started reading the book! It is a nervous excitement, as we eagerly await to see what you think of TELSHARU.

When you have finished reading, it is our great hope that you will share your thoughts with others. We are seeking to spread word of the book, and spread our names as well. A key component of our success as authors are your reviews.

Even if you didn’t much care for the book, we invite you to post reviews. If you enjoyed the book, more power to you! Reviews are an incredible tool of marketing for us, and we can’t do it without you. You can write a single review and post it in multiple places, particularly on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and

We appreciate your time–first, reading the book, and second, with your review. You are invaluable to us. And we look forward to what you have to say!

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