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First Draft Complete

Happy news today: the first draft of Book Three is complete! We finished the initial composition a few weeks ago, and have been attending to an initial round of revisions. Most of these were small things that changed along the way, so we had to go back and make the beginning of the book consistent with the changes. With these revisions, and a few more additions, we are ready to call it a complete draft.

For perspective: books 1 and 2 were each around 165,000 words in length. In first draft form, book 3 is now over 248,000 words! This will get trimmed down during revisions and edits, but it is definitely a significantly longer volume.

At this point, Buk Tri is headed off to alpha readers. Their initial impressions will shape the direction the book takes, before it moves on to beta readers and rounds of revisions to come. We are excited to jump into this next stage, and soon, to share the story with you!

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