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Forthcoming Tales of the Seventh Empire

If you look down and to your right, you will see a section labeled “Current Projects” and contained therein, a progress bar. This would tell you that, as of today, we are more than a third of the way through the first draft of Book 2 in The Tales of the Seventh Empire, or as we have nicknamed it, “Buk Tu.” We have committed to our editor to have the draft to him by the end of summer, so you will be able to watch that progress bar climb over the next several weeks.

We are making great headway! And we are very excited about the story. It may not be what you expect, but if you enjoyed “The Tale of Telsharu”, you know that many things are unexpected in the lives of these characters.

Also forthcoming! We are excited to announce that starting in the fall, we will be releasing a series of short stories under the name “Hanu Zan the Hero” here on our website. These stories will tell the tale of the great hero of the Seventh Empire, his journeys and his friendships, his great deeds, and his secret failures. See how it all began!

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