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Free Ebook Giveaway

In celebration of our upcoming book release, we are giving away FREE copies of our first two books!

In case you missed it on our YouTube channel, we have recently released new, updated editions of The Tale of Telsharu and The Scourge of Narak. We have updated the text significantly, addressing the errors and immature writing from the first editions. We are very excited about the new versions!

As the release of Book Three approaches, we know that many of our fans will want to do a re-read of the first two books, to get familiar with the plot and characters once more. We also hope that new readers will join us on the journey to The Seventh Guardian.

To download your free copies, please visit our Store and select the ebook editions. Your coupon code is 2EDITION. This giveaway lasts until July 22nd. Please feel free to share!

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