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Labor Day weekend: a new story

Buk Tu edits have been going well, though slowed by Labor Day weekend. We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from our editor, along with his usual copious edits. Hopefully the pace will pick up, now that we’re past the holiday, and we’ll be able to crank out the final draft in a timely fashion.

I’ll be honest with you, dear reader, that I’ve been taking a bit of a writing break. I never do that on purpose, because I know from past experience how very difficult it is for me to get back into my usual writerly habits. However I’ve also learned how necessary the breaks are for me, particularly after an intense period such as the Buk Tu revisions. The break helps me rejuvenate, so I am able to focus on the next project. Once I get back into the swing of things.

It’s been four weeks since we submitted Buk Tu to our editor. With the exception of edits (which have required very little of my brainpower so far) I haven’t written anything in that time. And I finally feel ready to do so.

This weekend, amidst game playing, nature walking, and s’more roasting, I started brainstorming our next book. Sam and I have discussed several potential ideas, but I have been circling around one in particular. What was interesting, is when I briefly spoke to Sam this evening, he told me he’s been feeling interested in this same idea as well.

Never fear, Buk Tri (“book three”) will not be put off for long. But I feel that working on another project for a little while will actually help make Buk Tri more fun to write–and ultimately, a better read for you. And hopefully you’ll have a chance to enjoy this new story as well. We’re certainly excited about it!

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