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Moment of inspiration

I had a vision.

This morning, as I was lying in bed trying to avoid the necessity of getting up and starting my day, I was thinking about this new project that Sam and I have started working on. In the midst of these rather scattered thoughts, I had a sudden vision.

I saw a scene. It was little more than a quick series of images. Vibrant, detailed, incredibly powerful images, packed with emotion, too.

This morning, I sat down and wrote out the scene as I saw it. I doubt very much that this gritty, instinctual image will make it into any kind of final product. But the writing of it was empowering.

To tell you the truth, its been a long time since I’ve written that passionately. It was exciting. I feel excited about writing again. I’m excited about this project, even more than I was before. With such auspicious beginnings, I feel like this project has even greater potential than I previously anticipated.

And even more important? Writing it is going to be fun.

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