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TELSHARU is now available! You have a couple of options to purchase the books, as follows:

The Tale of Telsharu

The paperback is available right now on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. If you cannot wait another day to read TELSHARU, this is your best option. These sites are listing the book at retail, plus shipping.

The paperback will also be available at our promotional website in a few days. We will be offering a discount off the cover price. We will make the link available as soon as we have it.

The hard cover will be available at all of these places by the end of the week, we are told. If you would rather have the hard cover edition, just keep your eye on these sites for a few more days, and you will be able to purchase it soon.

The hard cover will also be offered on our website as a limited signed edition. These will take a little longer to get to you, because the two of us get to sign and/or personalize them first. This will be a purchase option from our website, available in a few days available now at

Also, we will be having a local event in the Orem area in the next couple of weeks, where we will be reading from the book, answering questions, and signing books. If you want to purchase yours ahead of time and bring it to the event, we would be happy to sign it then.

We are thrilled for you to meet TELSHARU, and we are excited to see your reviews and comments on the book. We encourage you, our very first readers, to post reviews on websites like Amazon,, as well as others like Goodreads. No matter what you have to say about the book, we hope that you will share your thoughts with others. If you like the book, please share it with the people in your life whom you think might enjoy it.

We will post updates as more becomes available!

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