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The Truth about the Progress Bar

Our helpful little progress bar for the Book 3 rough draft has been hanging out at 95% complete for several weeks now.

In actuality, we’ve been working very hard on the draft over the past several weeks. We’ve been making excellent progress, and writing a good chunk every day.

The fact is, the percentile for the progress bar was based off the “anticipated” word count we had for Book Three. Both of the first two books were around 165,000 words in length. Upon creating the progress bar (a helpful motivational tool for me, if nothing else) I used the percentage of 170,000 words.

Well…we hit 170,000 over a month ago:

Screenshot 2017-07-03 15.34.15

In fact, our draft for Buk Tri just hit 200,000 words! Granted, a good chunk will get trimmed during revisions and editing. But, it stands that this book will be significantly longer than the first two.

This additional length has obviously taken longer than anticipated to compose. But hopefully we will have an update for you very soon. =)

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