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The Tale of Telsharu

The legendary warrior, Telsharu, blinded by the emperor’s curse, has escaped his hundred-year imprisonment seeking revenge. Intent on assassinating the emperor, he throws the Seventh Empire into chaos.

To resist the destructive forces of Telsharu, divergent groups must decide whether fight against their own enemies, or to stand together against the greater evil.

Martial arts, political intrigue, and romance fill the Seventh Empire, a mythical far-eastern land where two forces threaten to tear the world apart—tyranny on the one hand, anarchy on the other.

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The Scourge of Narak

The emperor’s divine seal is shattered, opening a gate to Narak—the underworld. Demons now surge into the mortal realm, overrunning the Seventh Empire. The people flee in panic, including the emperor's young daughter, ShianMai and her companions.

The assassin Telsharu, not expecting to survive his death match with the tyrannical emperor, finds himself acclaimed as the demons’ champion, and enthroned as their earthly sovereign. It may cost the very best of the Seventh Empire to turn back the tides of evil.

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The Seventh Guardian cover art.png
The Seventh Guardian

Demons run rampant across the Seventh Empire. The Gates are threatened and the lord of demons seeks the Spring of Eternity. 

ShianMai and her companions must find a way to repair the shattered Seal and force the demons back to hell before the world ends.

Meanwhile, Telsharu is on a quest to save one soul in particular, even if he must sacrifice his own life in the process. 

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