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Just a little surreal

Last week, I went on a leadership retreat with a group of students from my Taekwondo studio. We were camping, went hiking and spent a lot of time outside. What startled me was to discover that three copies of TELSHARU had been brought along. Over the course of the week, I watched as at least half a dozen of my students vied to take turns reading my book. This was not just a casual interest–it almost came to arguments about whose turn it was.

Photo by Jill Winters

One of my students had finished reading TELSHARU before coming on the retreat. It was neat to talk with him a little about the book (although, we were forbidden from discussing many details by the others who were still reading). He told me that it is one of his favorite books, and not just because I am his teacher.

Perhaps strangest of all was having my master instructor, in the passenger seat next to me on the drive home, dive in and start reading the book. Fantasy is not her genre of choice, but she seemed engaged in the few chapters she got through. It was strange to have this mentor, my boss, reading my work, while I sat a foot away.

This is the part that is surreal. Of the people I know who have bought the book, many have purchased it simply to be supportive, because they know me and Sam. Which is wonderful, and we appreciate it! However, it is surreal to see people actually reading it, and truly enjoying it. This is the realization of the dream for me, and I am excited to continue sharing our work.

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