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My writing soundtrack

I believe that most writers use music (or sound) which to some extent influences the writing process. Some experience this more strongly than others. For instance, Stephanie Meyer made a point of releasing her playlists after each of her books came together. Her choices even influenced the soundtracks of the films. I find that the music I listen to while I write becomes the soundtrack of the book, in my head.

Sam and I have done this with the projects we have worked on together. When we were writing Telsharu, Sam put together a CD of music which he entitled “Asian Coolness.” And then, of course, as we started working on the sequel, Sam created a musical equivalent–“Asian Coolness TU!” As strange as it might seem, the Asian music strongly influenced my writing as we put together the Asian-based Seventh Empire stories.

One night when I was driving home, “Clocks” by Coldplay came on. I wrote an entire novel based on an idea that sparked in that single moment, listening to that song.

Lately I’ve been writing to the sound of The Piano Guys. Truth be told, I am a little obsessed with their music at the moment. They have this fabulous combination of classic, new age, techno, and soundtrack grandeur. I find myself inspired every time I listen. You should check it out:

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